8 de março de 2006

8 de Março - Dia da Mulher

Provavelmente já nem me lembraria, mas encontrei a Therese Oernberg Berglund, autora de Emerging Communications, que anuncia a iniciativa (e o blog) da women@tech relativa ao Dia Internacional da Mulher (os outros são o quê?!?).

(o blog é L-I-N-D-O!!)

Deixo a descrição:

Wednesday the 8th of March is International Women's Day. On the eve of this day many women will blog in support of women's rights. We, at HUMlab, will liveblog the experience of being a woman from two stations, one on the university campus and one in downtown Umeå. We will attempt to capture 'being a women' through audio, text, picture, collaborative sidewalk art, as well as giving women a change to blog in their own words. There is a twist, however! You get the chance to participate by sending in your digital pictures to our flickr account. The theme is, of course, 'on being a woman'. Each picture submitted to the following address will be tagged 'mobloggingwomen' and can be found in our flickr slideshow (link to be added). The event will be kicked off by liveblogging the seminar, Att ta plats och äga rum. Hur kan kroppar förlängas genom digitala artefakter? - en spekulation i seminarieform, by HUMlab's own Jennie Olofsson who will give a seminar on Tuesday the 7th at 13:15 in the lab.
(You can watch the live stream here - link will activate at the beginning of the seminar). The live blogging downtown will occur on the 8th beginning at 12 noon.

The email address to send in photos is strong92easy@photos.flickr.com

Podem ler a descrição toda aqui.

E visitem o blog! A frase de entrada é um espectáculo:

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