17 de fevereiro de 2006

Portugal joined Career.edu academic network

Info via "Hangar"

Dear Professors and Graduate Students,

You can now submit your resume and publish academic positions free of charge on www.career.edu - a new network organized specifically for the international academic community. Portugal is a newest member of the network.
Career.edu is used in 26 countries by more than 400 leading research centers such as Stanford, Yale, Harvard, London School of Economics, Oxford, University of Vienna, University of Geneva, Australian National University, and many others to publicize various academic positions.

I would like to extend warm welcome to the Portugal's academic community!

Andreas Kasper, Ph.D.
Director - Europe
1201 N Orange Street
Wilmington, DE 19801

Tel 1.302.613.4482 (EST)
Fax 1.302.613.4483

Email: akasper@career.edu
Web: www.career.edu

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